Moving to Australia Checklist

moving to australia checklist

Moving to Australia Checklist

Moving to Australia checklist: What do you need for a move to Australia?

Moving to another country can be a daunting task. Although moving abroad offers you the chance to live and work in an exciting atmosphere, it can take time to get things in order to make the big move. Australia provides expats with an experience unlike any other.


The country is an ideal destination for anyone seeking to change their life and work, and spend their days Down Under in one of the happiest places in the world. Yes, Australia ranks high on the World Happiness Index and that is why people from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and other countries migrate Down Under.


Before packing up and heading off to Australia, it is important to check off a few items. So, before boarding your flight to Australia, consider checking these items off your list before moving.

Moving to Australia: The most important things you need

There are a few must-have items to mark off your moving to Australia checklist. These items will help you with day-to-day life. Without these things, you may find it difficult to get on your feet when landing.


  • Up to date passport – ensure your passport is not near its expiration
  • Visa – receive your visa allowing you to live and work in Australia before embarking
  • Driver’s license – ensure your driver’s license is up to date
  • Money – not only should you have money in your bank account but also cash currency to take with you
  • Plane tickets – this is self-explanatory as you will need to book your flight in advance
  • Additional documents – You should take other documents including a birth certificate and other identification


Although these items are the most important, some of the must-haves truly depend on the individual. If you believe having specific documents or items to make the move easier, then by all means do so. Having a laptop, tablet and mobile phone can make the process of moving to Australia easier. This gives you the chance to stay in contact with friends and family back home.


In addition, you can stay in contact with people in Australia as well as your new work. If you are taking a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any other electronic products, be sure to include an adaptor that allows your item to charge and work properly.

Moving to Australia Checklist : Before you go

Prior to leaving your home country, there are a few things you need to cancel or change in advance. If you have any monthly outgoings to gyms, bills, subscriptions, and other payments that do not need to continue, you need to cancel them. Packing up your most-needed clothing and other possessions to take Down Under is another item to tick of the checklist.


You may need to rent a storage facility to store your possessions that won’t be making the journey. If you still have mail sent to your home rather than electronically, you will need to have it redirected. The good news is that most important bills and mail can be sent electronically. You can still receive these while living Australia.

Moving to Australia Checklist: Organizing your finances

One of the important financial documents you will need is a credit reference from your bank. You may need a credit reference to gain credit in Australia. In addition, you may need this document to rent a house or apartment.


Australia is unique with its house and apartment letting laws. Along with obtaining a tax reference letter, you should inform your bank of the move you will make. In addition, you may want to organize the following financial items:


  • Student loan
  • Open an Australian bank account upon arrival
  • Obtain a Bank Code Number allowing you to transfer money to your bank account in your home country
  • Request and receive Australian tax documents
  • Advise the tax office in your home country of your move


You should also clear all outstanding bills and utilities before heading Down Under. Once you arrive in Australia you can open your new utilities accounts and begin living comfortably in your new home.

Moving to Australia: The day nears for the relocation

As the day to relocate to Australia draws nearer, you will need to step up the moving process. There are a few things you should complete before getting on the plane to fly off to the southern hemisphere.


Perhaps the most important thing to do as you get closer to leaving home is to book accommodation for your arrival. You may rent a different property once you have arrived and get settled.


However, it is difficult, nearly impossible to rent a property without living in the country and having employment. You may need to book an Airbnb or hotel prior to arriving for a place to stay temporarily.


Before moving you may not realize it, but having your medical files is important to have in your possession. This allows you to hand off your documentation to the general practitioner you register with upon arrival. Medical documents will give your new GP the chance to know all about your medical history.

Moving to Australia: It’s time to go

Once arriving in Australia, you can check into your accommodation and familiarize yourself with the city. This will give you the chance to learn about your new home and begin searching for a permanent accommodation. You can also obtain your very own Australian driver’s license after establishing yourself Down Under.


Australia is a very sociable country, so it shouldn’t take you long to get to know the people you work with. Building connections with others will make the move to Australia even easier and enjoyable. You may even get some advice for living in Australia from your new friends.


One of the most important things to remember is that the less stress you are under, the easier a move to Australia is. Try to simplify your move as much as possible and you will feel as little stress as possible. By ticking these items off your moving to Australia checklist, you can relocate Down Under and enjoy a high-quality of life.

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